Top Indian Blogs to Follow in 2020

Blogging is a long term game. For a long time you have to keep putting out content without even a single visitor reading them.

Statistically, 99% of the Blogs on the world wide web never gets traffic throughout their time of existence.

This alone is one of the main reason why most people give up on blogging.

Thus, today, I am going to feature those Blogs which has kept publishing content despite everything life has thrown at them.

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Featured as one of India’s Top Blogs to follow in 2020

Top Indian Blogs to follow in 2020

Criteria we considered while creating this List

Below are the Criteria we took into consideration while selecting and ranking these Blogs.

Website Traffic

One of the main criteria behind the chronological order of this list. Targeted and Quality Website Traffic was one of the major Criteria we took into consideration while ranking these blogs.

Thanks to Free Website Traffic Checking Tools like SimilarWeb & UberSuggest, the process got quite faster and transparent in nature.

Awards & Media Mentions

Almost every Blog mentioned here have won some sort of an award or accolades in the past.

Many of the Bloggers were mentioned as Experts at various other Websites and were even a part of Expert Roundup posts.

These media mentions have helped us segregate the real authority blogs from the ones who are simply churn and burn in nature.

Brand Collaborations

Once a Blog becomes an authority, it gets pitched by a lot of Brands from their own industry.

So, one of the easiest way to figure out the most Genuine Authority Blogs is to look at the Brands who have worked with them in the past.

Naturally, no Brand would want to associate themselves with a short lived anonymous Blog. Thus, it has helped us a lot to improve our list.

Brand Popularity

We looked at the number of Comments these blogs get on a regular basis.

Only a Blog with a loyal fan base would be attracting comments on every post they would publish.

Social Signals

Facebook and Instagram has been a life saver for us while verifying the authenticity of these Bloggers.

Most Bloggers on this list have 2000+ Social Media Fans & Followers including channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Not just the number of Likes & Follows, we even looked at the recommendations on their Facebook channel to ensure that these blogs have legit fans who really love reading their content on a regular basis.

Content Quality

Quality is ultimate when it comes to Blogging. Nobody wants to read a crappy article that was written with a lacklustre attitude.

Blogposts should always be penomenal or just doesn’t exists.

These Blogs mentioned underneath have some of the most consistently crafted great quality content as their article.

Some of them even have opportunity for you to write guest posts.

If you’re someone who wants to guest post on these High Authority Blogs, just pitch them a great content idea and let them know you’ve found them on my Blog 🙂

Publishing Consistency

Everyone knows that Content is King, but I have my own Quote on this topic which I always share wherever I visit for speaking gigs.

Content is King. But, Consistency is Everything.

Dibakar Bala, Founder,

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning. Blogging in the initial days is a really painful job.

You need to put up content after content before you finally realize how things actually work.

These Bloggers are phenomenally doing well with their Content. Thus, they’ve been featured on our list of top indian blogs to follow in 2020.

Domain Authority & Rating

Domain Authority and Domain Ratings were 2 other extremely significant criterias which has helped us come up with this list of Top Indian Blogs to follow in 2020.

Thanks to Moz for giving us the Domain Authority score & thanks to ahref for giving us the Domain Rating Score.

Both of these scores are an excellent scale to measure a Website’s potential of acquiring Search Engine Rankings.

Domain Age & Existence

Don’t worry. We are not talking about some shady blackhat SEO trick where people used to buy Expired Domain names to make their blogs look older.

I have actually used websites like wayback machine to go through the historical data on these blogs and ensured that they were not any acquired expired domains.

All of these Blogs have been in existence for quite a long time on the internet. Thereby, earning a lot of trust in the eyes of Google’s Bot : RankBrain.

Enough about the criterias. Let’s now jump into the original list of Blogs which have won the pretigious mention of being one of India’s Top Blog to be followed in 2020.

Top Indian Blogs to Follow in 2020

1. Godyears

URL :-

Blog Maintained by :- Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan

Domain Authority by Moz :- 39

Domain Rating by Ahref :- 33

Website Traffic (data from Ubersuggest & Similarweb) :- 352 per Month

For Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan, making people forget their own worries is the ultimate reward at the end of the day.

Professionally, he achieves this goal by wearing a mask every day and working as an anaesthesiologist to relieve physical pain and suffering.

As a blogger, he chooses to do the same with his words, replacing the mask of an anaesthesiologist with that of a whimsical writer as he makes people ponder with his prose., which started off as a personal blog back when Roshan was still a medical student in 1995 is today one of India’s longest running consistent blogs that focuses on public awareness, inspirational stories, controversial topics and his unique ‘Heroes of Kindness’ series where he interviews and showcases people from across the world who do selfless good deeds.

The blog has also evolved into so much more – winning the Best Blog in India for Creative Writing at the Country’s First Live Blogging Conference and Awards Ceremony, WIN’14 and being the winner of the Best Blog from Kerala at the 2017 Indian Blogger Awards.

The 15 year long journey as a blogger has seen him featured and interviewed in various news media (from BBC to Indian Express) for his articles and even given him the opportunity to be a speaker at some of the country’s most prestigious literature festivals and youth summits.

Till date, over two dozen of his short stories have been published in popular anthologies in addition to dozens of articles on various social topics in magazines.

In 2016, he beat over 25,000 entries to be a winner of Write India Season One, India’s largest crowd sourced literary competition, a feat he repeated in 2018 for Season 2, becoming the only Indian to win first place in the first two editions of Write India.

2. Kreative Mommy

URL :-

Blog Maintained by :- Deepa Gandhi

Domain Authority by Moz :- 28

Domain Rating by Ahref :- 16

Website Traffic (data from Ubersuggest & Similarweb) :- 341 per Month

Deepa is a Postgraduate in Foods and Nutrition, who also went on to complete her M.Phil.

A dietitian by education, Blogger and author by passion, a mommy of two girls, she shares all her experiences through her creative eyes as a blogger at

Follow her on her blog to read about her thoughts and ideas on everything about life.

Kreative Mommy is an award winning blog which is one place solution for all your queries related to nutrition, travelling, parenting, and everything life. 

3. Fodyssey

URL :-

Blog Maintained by :- Nameesh

Domain Authority by Moz :- 20

Domain Rating by Ahref :- 11

Website Traffic (data from Ubersuggest & Similarweb) :- 175

Nameesh is an Influencer and Blogger from Bangalore.

His blog was started nearly 10 years back with an intention to capture his travel stories along with my family along with pictures.

But soon he started putting articles about his interests :- Sports, People, Technology, Food & more.

His love for writing has been there from school days.

But that stopped after he started working in a Software Profession post my Bachelors’s in Computer Science.

Since 2005, the increase in micro-blogging activity inspired me to restart his passion for writing.

He started loving the idea of sharing content online and working independently.

After 17 years of working as an IT Professional, he decided to follow his passion and took up Blogging full-time.

Some of the brands that Neemesh have been associated with over the years are :-

Lifestyle – Titan, STAR Movies, TATA Sky, Amway, METRO, KDHP, MPOC, Coffee Day, Heli Taxi.

Travel & Tourism – IHG, Crowne Plaza, Sterling, The Serai, Grand Mercure, Brigade Signature.

Technology – VIVO, Samsung, OnePlus, Hogar, Lenovo.

There are few achievements after taking up blogging that he is proud of.

Representing India in the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) conference in Malaysia for a week.

Association with DNA Networks for covering the IPL 2019 for Royal Challenge Bangalore (RCB).

Over the years, he have also developed other blogs to segregate areas like Technology & Entertainment.

Apart from Blogging, he also does Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media promotions for a few brands.

Brands have invited him for a variety of events like Launch, Premier, Red Carpet, Celebrity Engagement, Art Exhibitions, Award Functions, Red Carpets & more.

He is looking forward to writing many more articles and sharing his thoughts online.

4. Gleefull Blogger

URL :-

Blog Maintained by :- Dipika Singh

Domain Authority by Moz :- 24

Domain Rating by Ahref :- 14

Website Traffic (data from Ubersuggest & Similarweb) :- 101 per Month

Dipika, is a management graduate with a decade plus experience in top notch global banking corporations.

Avid reader with deep orientation towards imparting knowledge, she moved into academia and also started her own ‘gleefulblogger’ focusing on ‘Parenting’. ‘Education’, and ‘Lifestyle’.

Gleefulblogger is born out of passion to bring out ‘glee’ in everyday life. It has been consistently scaling the heights and wining the hearts of its readers.

Having been nominated for Best Blogs to winning a few prestigious accolades.

Gleefulblogger is a listed Lifestyle Blog-a-zine for two consecutive years (FY 2018-2019, FY 2019-2020)

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