How to Update Old Blog Posts : Step-by-Step

How to Update Old Blog Posts : Step-by-Step

1. Google Console is Your Friend

I’m assuming your Blog is already linked and verified to the Google Search Console.

If Yes, head over to the performance Page and Select Pages from the various Tabs available.

Pages Tab in Google Console

Now, Click on the Edit Pencil Button beside the Date and modify the Date in Custom mode.

Select Custom Date Range

Set the Date Range from the day the Blog Post was published till Today.

Click Apply on Top Right Corner.

Now Head over to the Queries Tab beside Pages Tab on the Performance Page of Google Console.

Export all the Queries related to the Page using the Download Button on the Top Right Corner available beside the Tabs.

Export your Queries using this Button

2. Add The Variations

Now that you have all the Queries with you, you have to add them into your Old Blog Post while updating its Content.

Warning :- Do Not just throw the Queries here and there inside the content and expect it to Rank.

Google Hummingbird Update will catch you and give your website a good thrashing if it finds what you’re doing.

Keep the Keywords Queries in your Mind and write your Content in a Flow.

You may Rank on any Search Engine for Keyword which doesn’t even exists on your Article.

But if you do the other way, Google will find you and Kill you ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Make Your Own Images

If you’ve downloaded an Image from the Internet and Used it as a Featured Image, just delete it.

Delete that copyrighted Image from your Server and free some Space.

Copyrighted images are risky for any Website.

You might not see any consequences as long as you start getting traffic.

Infact, why to copy images when you can make your Own and also Get more Traffic from it!

I’m not kidding, I started making my own Featured images in 2019 and the Results are shocking.

As you can see, the Featured Image isn’t really fancy.

I’ve simply written the Post Title on a Copyright Free Image.

Thats it!

And see, how Google is showing my Custom Image on their Featured Snippet ๐Ÿ™‚

Custom made featured Image on Google Snippet

4. Never Change Permalink

Never Ever change the Permalink.

I know that if you’ve a Year like 2018 added to your Permalink, there’s nothing you can do but to change the Permalink.

But, try to avoid adding any Years to your Permalink in future.

And never change the Permalink of your old post.

I’ve done all types of redirects, 302 and modified posts, none of them worked when it comes to Passing Link Juice to my New Content.

Infact, I hardly saw a 10% Link Juice flow after doing a 302 redirect.

Never have I ever ranked better on a Keyword for the Old Post which has new Permalink.

Infact, I lost most of my Old Content Rankings after doing it.

So, please don’t do it.

Not just Link Juice, but your Old Content Permalink also has a Good Reputation in the Eyes of Google.

Google saw people sticking to your Old Post for a longer duration after clicking on their search result.

A low Bounce Rate made Google rank you higher.

But you loose all that reputation when you shift your old blog post to a new Permalink.

Just don’t do it ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Stop Doing it for Google

Please stop doing it for Google and start doing it for your Audience.

If you had Question comments on your old blog post, try to address those queries in your Update.

Your Reader’s Problem needs to get solved.

Just think about your reading experience when you were reading a post from Neil Patel’s Blog or Brian Dean’s Blog.

Did you ever saw keywords thrown here and there for no reason at all?

Infact, they write so well that you’d feel you’ve learnt something new every time you read a new post.

That’s the beauty of Blogging.

That’s what Google appreciates.

All the Backlink, good content practices and everything is cool.

End of the day, you’re just helping your audience to solve their problems.

Without that, you’re going nowhere even after following Google’s best practices.

You might rank and start getting traffic.

But people won’t have a relationship with you.

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