How to Make Viral Cover Songs ? – 16 Tips (updated)

Do you think pre-planning a Viral Cover Song is impossible?

Can we really predict if a song would go Viral or not?

Most people can’t, because they don’t believe in it.

In this article I’m going to share with you 10 Practical Strategies that will make your Cover Song go Viral!

How to make a song viral ?

You can make a Song Viral only after you’ve reverse engineered the other viral songs from its inception.

I have personally helped a ton of Musicians with the Song to go Viral and thus i know the exacts steps i took.

For going Viral with a song, you can’t just trust on your Music.

You have to invest a lot in the marketing of it as well.

Pre-Launch Marketing

You need a Pre-Launch marketing for your Music.

Obviously You need a Kickass Song, but a Kickass Teaser and Trailer also needs to be Recorded.

Make sure you spread these Teaser and Trailer with as many people as possible.

Take the help of a Music Marketer if necessary.

I’m an Online Music Marketer.

If online is your way, you can contact me.

Post-Launch Marketing

First thing first, don’t delay your original release after you’ve shared your Teaser.

Keep a very short time gap between Teaser release and Original Video Release.

This will ensure that people don’t forget about your Teaser and upcoming Song.

Once released, make sure to reach out to Music Bloggers and other Music influencers.

Convince them to share your Song.

This is an important step because alone you can only reach a certain number of people.

But when you reach out to the influencers, each of them can spread your music with hundreds of new people.

That’s what intelligent marketers do 🙂 [secret revealed]

Put your Efforts in the right Direction

Process to find a Right Song to Cover :-

Step 1 :- Look at the Billboard Music Top Chart ( or/and any other popular Music Ranking Website or App )

Step 2 :- Pick all the songs which was released at least 7 days ago and at most 14 days ago.

Step 3 :- Now, pick the song with the highest ranking among all the songs you’ve found in the previous step.  

Hurray! Now you have selected your Song and you’re going to put your efforts in the right direction.  

Own Your Cover Version

No matter who made the Original Song, you must establish a unique connect with your audience over it.

That’s only possible when you would own your Cover Song as a First Hand Recording of the Original Song

Let’s assume that you have made a cover song which now even shows up in the search results and the recommendation section.

But, are you sure that it’ll convert viewers into subscribers?

To maximize the viewer to subscriber conversion ratio, one must stand out from the rest.

Here are few ideas that you may try :-

1. Change the Tempo of the Song.

Make it faster or slower than the original.

Don’t make it too slow.

Else it would feel like you’re dragging the song for no reason.

You should add more to the beauty of the Original Song.

2. Write some new lyrics or even change certain sections of the song to put in some Rap if necessary.

BONUS :- If you follow this step, most certainly you’ll never land any Copyright Claims.

For Musicians, a small window of escape from legal Problems related to cover songs is to make it Unique enough so that it can be dealt under Fair Use & Creativity.  

Change the Song’s Instrumentation

For example, if the original song is heavily produced.

Maybe, you should simply make an Acoustic Version.

Or even an Acapella version of it if you’ve the talent.

Be brave, don’t be scared to have your own opinion.

When it comes to music, nobody is incorrect as long as the Audience loves it.

The “Pink Cow” theory

Imagine you’re walking on a road near to the grazing field with lots of cows.

But suddenly you spot a Pink Cow among all those other cows that were grazing.

Will you stop to investigate more about it?

Or will you keep on walking?

If you’re a Normal Human Being, you would stop to observe the Pink Cow.

And your Cover Song must be an Identical Version of the song among all the normal Cover Songs that looks just like any other Cover Song.

Find something that’s unique about you, everybody has something unique.

That’s exactly why we all are so different from each other.

Maybe, it is your Accent, your Hairstyle or even your Genre of Music which is long forgotten.

First 5 Seconds – same old advice

Yeah, the same old suggestions that you might have been hearing for Years on YouTube.

But the basics of getting attention from your Audience had always remained the same.

First 5 Seconds of any Music Video, be it on YouTube or wherever, is most Crucial.

So, make sure to put the best part of your song at the start of your performance.

Hook Your Viewers

A short preview of the best part of your Cover Song in advance can really help to Hook your viewers to watch the Music Video till the end.

Generating a good amount of Watch Time in your Videos will trigger the Viral Alarm at YouTube.

Human First, Musician Next

I heard this advice from Peter Hollens few days back and I’m going to pass it onto you.

You might get Viewers or even Subscribers on YouTube.

But to create a raving fanbase, you have to impress your fans by showing out your personality outside your Music Video.

Most people will decide to become a Subscriber after listening to your Music.

But they would become your Fan only after knowing you personally.

You must make your Audience feel as if they are a part of your life.

When they can feel that connect with you, they would never forget you. Ever

Have a Distinct Look

If you can establish some type of artistic look.

For example, you might dress up in Clothes that looks similar to the place from where the genre of the particular music was originated.

Even when you’re covering somebody else’s song, you can mimic the look of that artist a bit to hook your Audience for the video.

It’ll give people a feel that you’re your own artist even though actually you’re just covering someone else’s song.

Try to Tell a Story

This might sound like an advanced step.

But if you can craft a story around your next Cover Song video, this will help you so much.

To make a Music video that will not just be all about you singing the song but also a story which is complete in itself and can be enjoyed by your subscribers even though they don’t extremely love your Music ( or crazy about it ).

Look Professional

The only way to Look Professional is to be more Professional.

Sorry, no shortcuts to Success indeed.

Be professional about how you’re going to shoot the music video, prepare for the day of publishing the video, and post promotion procedure.

Read books on Topics that has nothing to do with Music.

Books about Digital Marketing, Video Editing and MakeUp, etc.

Trust me, my personal experience says that a person with 1 extraordinary Talent is equally comparable to a person with 100 Average Quality Talent.

If you’re not Extraordinary, be Exceptional!

Dibakar Bala, Music Marketing Expert


1. Make More Cover Songs

Despite following all the Best Practices your Music might not get the traction it deserves.

But you must not loose your enthusiasm.

If you’re really passionate about something, make it happen.

Find out ways to improve it, bit by bit.

And the most important thing to do is to never give up.

I’m a burning example of what happens when you don’t give up.

I started this Website 3 Years ago, and i had 0 People visiting it.

And now, I have you reading my article 🙂

That’s what happens when you don’t give up!

2. Network with micro-influencers

If you don’t know this yet, even Big Brands are accepting the value of micro-influencers over Big Fishes.

You can capitalise the same strategy by establishing long term relationship with micro-influencers who are yet to become popular.

Micro-influencers are people who want to get popular and are somewhere in between Hero & Zero.

If you get 20 micro-influencer friends to share your new cover song, do you think it’ll be difficult for you to get noticed?

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