Are you looking for The Voice India Season 2 Auditions? You are very much at the right place. The registration and audition for The Voice India 2016 have started…. And if you are still waiting for it then wake up and take charge of your life!

Following are the details of The Voice India Season 2 Auditions registration procedure:-

Straightaway, go to the link and submit all the details about yourself into it. For example, Name, Email Address, Contact Number, About Yourself and YouTube URL of the video of your song.

If you ask my advice, I would say, other than your music video which is the most vital part of your registration. One should also focus on the About Me section where you have to write about yourself. Do whatever it takes to write a catchy and impressive description about yourself. And do not forget to mention your achievements in Singing till date. Such information will improve your chances of selection whenever there is a Tie between you and someone else.

Hope you had a good read above and my advice would prove helpful to you. But if you are unsure about keeping up with the competitions that’s coming your way in future just like The Voice India Season 2 Auditions. SignUp for my Official Newsletter at- and forget all your worries about missing any future opportunities in Music.

Stay Musically Alive. Dibakar

BEWARE:- Beware of some fraudulent calls and messages who are taking the opportunity of The Voice India Season 2 Auditions and fulfilling their own selfish motives. Also do not fill in the form from the link . This link was made live for Season 1 auditions but still it remains on the page without any benefit or reason. Please check twice before submitting your important personal information with anyone. Lots of Love. Keep Loving Music. Signing Off. Your Dibakar.

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