YouTube Keyword Strategy – Foundation to Earn Million+ Subscribers

Today I am going to show you a step-by-step guide about What exactly is a YouTube Keyword Strategy ?

The Foundation of every Successful YouTube Channel with Million+ subscribers earning $$$ every month

What are Keywords ?

Keyword is one of the most famous Digital Marketing terminology used by Bloggers and Vloggers ( including YouTubers ) . In simple terms :-

Keywords are ‘ Query Strings ‘ or “ a phrase “ which a user types in to search for his/her desired result from Search Engine.

Why should we worry ? Because not just Google, Yahoo or Bing but even on YouTube – Keyword Search is the most easy way to find the desired result on any platform.

Want to know ‘how to lose Fat in 10 days?’ –  YouTube the same.

Want to learn Yoga – YouTube “ Learn Yoga “

Want to listen to a Cover Variation of a popular song “ Afreen Afreen “ – Search “ Afreen Afreen Best Cover Version “

Clear ? Let me know in the comments if you want further explanation.

What is a Keyword Strategy ?

Keyword Strategy is the First Task any Online Marketing Campaign / Strategy starts with.

Local Business like Beauty Salon, Spa, Gym

Giants like FaceBook, Amazon, Flipkart

StartUps like BookMyTrip and 🙂

You name it and I will keep on adding the same to this list….. each and everyone of them started with a single step – Keyword Strategy. What exactly is it all about ?

Keyword Strategy is an end result of a process named as Keyword Research done using Various Free or Paid Tools available to ensure easy success and maximum ROI ( Return of Investment ) for the Time and Money we invest in out Online work.

The above definition might sound daunting but it is the ‘ Best Way ‘ to define Keyword Strategy.

As an end product of the Keyword Research we get a chunk of keywords which becomes the part of our Keyword Strategy. Well a lot of other things goes into the whole concept of Keyword Strategy but being a Musician, it is not much essential for you to work on those aspect and waste your time unnecessarily.

Why YouTube ?

If you’re from India, you might have heard about how famous YouTube Musicians like Shirley Setia, Sanam Puri ( lead vocalist – SANAM ), Siddharth Slathia, Shraddha Sharma, Vidya Vox, etc. have gained popularity with their Music from YouTube.

Not just them, I’m sure you are aware of World Famous Musicians like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. Let’s Face it – in today’s DIGITAL WORLD of MUSIC it all starts with YouTube.

I know what you’re thinking.

“ Isn’t it too late Dibakar for me to start a YouTube channel and succeed being a Musician/Singer ? I mean, the YT space is already so crowded! “

You’re damn Correct about the Crowd part! Why? Let me Scare you a bit more :-

300+ Hours of VIDEO CONTENT are uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE !

“ Breathe in! Breathe out! “ RELAX. Here’s something positive for you : –

5,000,000,000 – That’s 5 BILLION Videos are watched on YouTube every SINGLE DAY

10,113 YouTube Videos generated over a Billion Views.

So on one hand it is true that succeeding with your YouTube Music Channel is really difficult even if you are highly talented. On the other hand it is also true that it is very easy to get a share of this massive audience that exists on YouTube only if you follow a STEP-BY-STEP strategy to achieve your goals.

What is YouTube Keyword Strategy ?

3,000,000,000 – That’s 3 Billion Searches per Month done on YouTube.

Ever produced a video which is awesome from every angle and still ends up getting 2000 views at max. Well, I did and I’m sure you’ve done it too. And right after that day I felt either there is something very wrong with my Video or I don’t have enough talent to become a Popular Singer.

If you’ve been there take this from me :-

It was not your Music, but Your YouTube Keyword Strategy

What is YouTube Keyword Strategy ? Well very simple!

Person A looks for ‘ How to play Football ? ‘

Person B is looking for ‘How to play Basketball ? ‘

And your video is about ‘ Health benefits of playing Basketball ‘

Although your YouTube video about ‘ Health Benefits of playing Basketball ‘  is highly informative it won’t work.

Let’s come back to MUSIC. Indian Music to be particular.

You made a Cover Version of the song ‘ Bahe Naina ‘ from RaOne . Super awesome song, Super difficult high notes! And someone you Kill it.

But your potential audience is searching about ‘ Bol Do Na Zara ‘.

The only way you can reach you audience now is through Recommended Videos section which is also very much associated with the keywords you place in your YouTube video title and description.

YouTube Keyword Strategy is simply a Step-by-Step method which gives you “X” number of keywords which are being searched by your potential audience.

WELL, the definition is still incomplete!

Let’s say you have finally realised that your potential audience is searching for the song “ Bol Do Na Zara “ and you should make a cover song video for the song “ Bol Do Na Zara “ and not for the song “ Bahe Naina “. GREAT!

So, you make yourself ready for a new recording session. Record an awesome track. Mix and Master the track. Make a complimentary and attractive video to go with it. And the D-Day has come

You click UPLOAD and “ TADA!!! “ your video is now Live. After a week you came back to check the number of views on your upload…. Wait what! 200 views only!!!

Once again the feeling of “ I am not worth becoming a Singer “ creeps in. Hold your thought.

You’re still not getting enough benefit from the high volume search because we’ve missed a very important part of the YouTube Keyword Strategy.

“ Keyword Difficulty “ a.k.a. “ Keyword Competition “

I tried searching for the term “ song cover inna sona “ here’s what came up!

youtube keyword strategy

I purposefully mistyped the spelling of the song to show you how YouTube autocorrects even ‘ Hindi terms ‘ typed in English ( which actually has no meaning in the eyes of YouTube ). Then how does it corrects my spelling ?

Answer :- From Video Title used in videos from High Authority Channels

Let’s say this technically now as you’re quite educated.

Revised Answer :- From Video Keyword used in the Video Title in the videos of High Authority YT Channels

Now, come to our previous discussion. 3 out of 4 among these videos search result for my query is from High Authority Channel. But these channel already has a raving fanbase across various social media channel including YT. And compared to them you are just a beginner. Bummer!

Well, I won’t say you shouldn’t try and challenge high authority channels with your Music. But for the sake of our limited financial resources and advertising budget at hand right now let’s focus on what might work right now. You might go and compete with already established YT star singers once you have 50% of their FanBase, cool?

Mini Case Study #1 Channel without a keyword strategy

Ever heard the advice – Upload More to gain more Subscribers on Youtube

Let me tell you, it is a Myth. I am going to share with you few stats about a YouTube channel.

For Privacy Reason I cannot share the name or video title of the channel. SORRY 🙁

youtube seo tips

Can you guess the Subscribers count on this Channel ? Yes! it is a perfect zero. It’s not that he wasn’t regular. You can see from the upload date on the image. The channel has uploaded 5 videos ( at least ) on February 2017. And then, it gave up! Why? Simple who loves to put in so much effort of editing and uploading a video just for the sake of 6 – 100 views after 4 months. Obviously it’s better to so something more productive in life if you don’t really know the trick.

Mini Case Study #2 Channel with a keyword Strategy

You’ve seen Failure. Now it’s time for some positivity.

Below is some stat and pictures from a channel that did excellent with their YouTube Keyword Strategy. Once again for privacy reason I was unable to share the exact channel name attached . Sorry 🙁

youtube keyword strategy

See the uploading frequency of this channel. 2 years back – 10 months – 9 months back – 6 months back. Total mess when it comes to regular uploading. And yet, check the amount of views each of these videos has got – 471k, 38k, 33k, 63k and 29k.
Can you guess the number of subscriber this channel might be having ? I’ll tell you. This very irregular channel has 45k subscribers !!!!!!

I am sure you know the reason, yes it is Keyword Strategy. Well truthfully as per my analysis, even this channel didn’t had a great keyword strategy. But surely they did great on the level of individual video keyword research.


Congratulations! You’re among the rare 5% audience on my site who reads loooooong posts like this. What does it indicates ? You’re awesome and more likely to succeed in life than the whole crowd.

I know what you’re thinking. ( once again )

” But Dibakar how do I start with my own YouTube Keyword Strategy ? “

I had the same feeling when I first came across this term and knowledge. The very feel of something as such exists in itself is highly intimidating. I was on top of the world and felt now I will rank better and higher than everyone else on YouTube and Google.

Very soon that enthusiasm came to an end as I realised almost every competitor I had already knew about it and they were leveraging some proven Step – by – Step technique to literally Kill it with their YouTube Keyword Strategy.

This was me back in 2015. Not anymore. It came to me hard but soon I understood that most influencers online Lie to you that they don’t have any secret sauce to succeed almost always.

They Do! And it’s not what you think it to be….. nothing like ” ABCD…. ” for everyone

Truthfully, every successful Blogger or Vlogger has ONE LITTLE SECRET which helped them grow. That secret is not available to everyone because they have made that ONE LITTLE SECRET TRICK for themselves. Trick which they will never share with the common public as they fear to lose their authority.

But I am doing something crazy. Very soon I will be sharing the exact step-by-step strategy  I use to craft my own successful YouTube Keyword Strategy. Stay Tuned!

Oh wait! I have made a small worksheet for you to download. CLICK HERE and fill it up honestly. After completing the worksheet click a picture of the same and send it to me : –

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I do read each and every email, pinky promise.

Stay Musical with India’s First Music Blog! Ciao! ( And soon, World’s First Music Marketing School. )

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